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Happy Hour Yoga

On Friday I finally did something I’ve always wanted to do- yoga then happy hour at TNT. It all started during last year’s challenge. On Fridays I typically had to go to the the 5:30 class at the downtown location since this is pretty much the only class I could get to. The downtown studio is located two doors down from a place called Tacos and Tequila (TNT for short). They have a popular happy hour. So as I’m walking into 5:30 yoga I have to walk by people enjoying happy hour. During yoga I have to see people walking by the studio to their Friday happy hour.

I then wish I was happy houring instead of yogaing. This leads to me chatting about margaritas with my yoga friends before class. This equals a negative class.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to an earlier class since I had a half day at school. I got to go to the 3:30 class! RT was supposed to join me but got caught up in a meeting. To make up for missing yoga he met me at TNT for ritas and tacos afterward. I finally to be one of those lucky people to walk  got to walk past the 5:30 class and go to happy hour. It was fabulous!

After chugging some water and chilling out for a but after class I thoroughly enjoyed a cold rita.  The cheap happy hour tacos were awesome. They had a taco bar. They put the meat (or black beans if you’re veggie) on a taco then you top it with whatever you want from their topping bar. Each taco is just $1.50! RT and I ate and drank our faces off for $20! I then enjoyed my walk back past the 5:30 class and paused just long enough to bask in joy of already being done with class as everyone IN class is pushing themselves in cobra pose.

The class then happy hour at TNT was all I’d hoped for- I totally plan to do this whenever possible!


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