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Veggie Tales Part II

I’m 20 days into my 30 days of vegetarianism. It’s been a breeze- except for eating out. There have been a couple times that I’ve been at a restaurant and had only one or two options- both suck.

This week I checked out a menu before going to the restaurant. I didn’t like their two veggie options so I  ate beforehand. It was a little weird to only have a beer as all my other friends were eating, but at least I wasn’t grumpy about having crap options to eat! Other times I’ve sucked it up and eaten something that I didn’t really want to eat.

But eating veggie at home has been awesome!!!!! My hubby grumbles sometimes, but he’s really being a sport to keep his meat from what we’re collectively eating. I, on the other hand have really been looking forward to these vegetarian meals. I enjoy them more than ones with meat. It’s like the focus of the meal changes from the meat to the veggies. We’ve been having fun trying new things and experimenting with different dishes.

My hubby has discovered he likes making frittatas. I’ve made them before, but I guess not around my hubby. They’re great and quick for when we’re both coming in hungry from yoga. The possibilities are endless! Last night we made a broccolini (never cooked with it), poblano, and hashbrowns (the frozen kind- we’re lazy), and onion. We had some green onion and cheddar in our fridge that went on top. It was go good I had seconds.

Right now I’ve been eating eggs probably twice a week. Is that a good idea? They are a little high in cholesterol… But they’re quick, protein filled, and good!

Now that I’m 2/3 into my experiment let me reassess why I did this:

  • General feeling better: my GI tract is more happy. But overall I already usually felt good, so aside from looking more forward to dinners, no huge improvement in general health.
  • Yoga: Eh, I’m having a great week this week, but I think it’s just the yoga cycle. I’m balancing better during the standing series (I’m gonna get you standing bow!).

Ending early: I’m going to have to end my veggie experiment early since we’re going to NEW ORLEANS next weekend. There’s no way I’m going to NOLA without noshing on some serious seafood! I’ll have to end at 26 days. But the food will be totally worth it. Jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish, mmmmmm!


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2 thoughts on “Veggie Tales Part II

  1. I’ve been veg my whole life.
    A lot of times, at restaurants, if there isn’t something veg on the menu that looks good, you can read through different items, pick out the parts you like and ask them to create you something. An added bonus is since this usually confuses them a bit, they end up putting it in as a kids meal, or a side.

    Chili’s has an entire vegetarian menu on their website that they don’t offer, you have to know it exists. The servers always have it memorized and are usually very accommodating. They are even trained to allow veg substitutions on their specials that always have the little “no substitutions” disclaimer.

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