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Life vs. Yoga

As the school year comes to an end there’s a lot of socializing that goes on. People want to meet for happy hour, or go to concerts, or go out late for birthdays. I like socializing, it’s just that sometimes it interferes with my yoga! Most people do not get at all.  I mean, how do you explain to someone you’re not going to go to the end of year happy hour because you need (want) to go to yoga 6 times a week?

Socializing can also be expensive and also usually involves eating and drinking bad things….

Wednesday: I was able to fit both in (I had to eat before going to the b-day party since the restaurant had no decent veggie options).

Thursday: life wins (going to end of year happy hour)

Friday: yoga wins (After yoga I’ll be going to a handbell concert. Nothing says first night of summer like handbells!)

It’s all about balance right?


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One thought on “Life vs. Yoga

  1. i love this lol. its all about balance! but i do agree i find myself turning things down because of my favorite yoga classes being on the same day and such

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