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Jeanne Heaton Part II

Here’s Jeanne Heaton with some of the leaders of Pure Action!

What an amazing woman! I left yoga Saturday so inspired and motivated! I was so humbled by the people around me.

Before I start about my Saturday I need to rewind a bit. My studio owners have started a nonprofit called Pure Action -you should check out their website. I believe what they’re doing is important, especially with their community outreach programs. Mardy goes out to an assisted living center and a rehab center to teach yoga classes. I think that these under-served populations could really benefit from yoga! It is Pure Action that brought Jeanne Heaton to our studio; the donations from her class went to Pure Action. (If you can’t tell I dig Pure Action)

Back to Saturday, before class we gathered together to hear Jeanne to give a talk. She talked about her downward spiral into drug abuse and the path she took to recovery. She then spent time talking about her first few Bikram classes after finishing rehab. She talked about how every time she went to class she’d tell herself it was her last- that she would never come back. But she kept coming back. Everyday.

I think we all feel that way some days. Something that she said really resonated with me:  we’re all born good. We’re born with values or morals. It comes in the form of  an inner voice. We all need to listen to that inner voice.  She talked about how during her drug use that she didn’t listen to her inner voice. She ignored it. Yoga helped her to listen to that voice.

Although I’m not addicted to drugs, I know the inner voice she’s talking about! That 90 minutes of undisturbed Bikram yoga I go to almost everyday is a time for that inner voice to speak and to tell me what I should do (or not do). It givs me peace and calm.

Here’s a couple other great comments:

  • Nothing you’ve done is unforgivable- nothing
  • Feeling are just feelings- everyone has them. Acknowledge them and move on.
  • Just come back!
  • Listen to your inner voice (had to mention that one again)
  • Most people have addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, etc. ). That’s not unique.
  • Yoga should be a fellowship and community that you can belong to and be welcomed into

After the talk we took her class. What a positive and motivating woman! It was raining that morning so the class was not only packed but HUMID! She pushed just hard enough and gave those words of encouragement at the right time. She has that perfect balance!

After class I figured out that there were about 15 women taking class from a rehab center. These women went through a tough Bikram class with all the other things going on in their bodies!?!? That’s AMAZING! What motivated and wonderful women they are! Only two had to leave for a few minutes. They were all rock stars in that class!!!

I was so inspired by the whole morning.  It was uplifting, inspiring, challenging, and empowering all at the same time. You should have been there!


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