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Pet Peeve: Yoga Drama Queens

I’m going to complain today. One pet peeve of mine are people that are dramatic in class. You know what I’m talking about- those people that want to make sure everyone knows they’re working their butts off.

It’s that guy that falls out of standing knee by flailing his arms out everywhere. It’s the guy that makes noises (grunting, breathing CRAZY loud, sighing, etc.). It’s the guy that falls onto the mat next to his during standing bow. It’s that guy that has to guzzle (loudly) his water during triangle.

The only thing I can figure is that these drama queens need everyone in the room to know how hard they’re working (as if we weren’t working just as hard). I understand that it’s not very Zen yoga of me to let these people irk me…. but sometimes it happens!

Not to offend anyone, but I also feel like most drama queen yogis are men. Why is that?? I was sandwiched between two of these men last night. It was my goal to not let these drama queens steal my Zen. It also made me determined not to fall out of anything. It somewhat worked! Three out of 4 standing bows I held almost the whole time without falling out (that’s my nemesis pose right now).


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5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Yoga Drama Queens

  1. Sometimes those people that challenge you the most in the room can be your greatest teacher by helping you to focus on yourself even more – seems like this happened for you in Standing Bow! The more they practice the more the drama dies down – don’t let them steal your peace 🙂

  2. battlingbikrambeingbig on said:

    I hear ya! Although I’ve become so accustomed to some of The Drama Queens now that if they aren’t there I miss their regularity. I guess it’s a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome haha, or like a regular train going past if you live near a train track. It’s comforting for me to know their discomfort (or that they haven’t yet died on their mats!)

  3. Especially with Bikram, I feel like the noisy drama queens aren’t doing themselves any favors. It really seems to defeat the purpose of the practice for that momentary grunt or moan… But I agree with thicksglow; it’s a great way to channel (and challenge) our own inner peace!

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