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Veggie Tales

Today is day 7 of the veggie/detox smoothie challenge. Oddly enough the no meat thing is no biggie. It’s the detox smoothie that sucks! I’ve been making a smoothie for breakfast for a while already. My smoothies are pretty healthy- spinach, flax seed, rice protein powder, banana, blueberry, and almond/coconut milk. And they’re delicious! I’ll mix it up and trade almond butter or some avocado in for something else. YUMMY!

This detox smoothie contains two powders that came in the mail (a green one and a protein based one). I’m supposed to mix those with almond milk and ice. BARF! It tastes terrible! And I’m hungry all morning. 23 more days of this is going to be though.

First, should I add fruit to the smoothie? After all, I’m not really going to weight loss in the detox so does it matter if I add some calories and flavor?

I made quinoa this week. I’ve made it before and loved it. My hubby’s not wild about it. I played the vegetarian card and made it. Mixed in some onions, garlic, local kale, corn, and peas and topped with feta cheese.  DELICIOUS! Hubby didn’t feel the same.  I will have to find another idea to get RT into quinoa!

Has my yoga changed with the diet change? I can’t tell yet. I’ve had some hard classes this week and I feel like I fared well in the heat and humidity. Only time will tell!

I’m excited about tomorrow- I’m taking advanced class!  My rib and back are feeling almost 100%.  This means I’ll take the 9:30 beginner class followed with 11:30 advanced. Hopefully the smoothie for breakfast doesn’t wreck my practice!


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