Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world


One small thing that’s huge in Bikram yoga is stillness. Your movements should be concise and accurate without a bunch of extra movement or drama. Save your energy for the postures. You shouldn’t: fight with your costume (clothes), fix your hair, or wipe sweat between postures. Here’s the catch- I am a fidgety person. I have to be doing something all the time: tapping my foot, playing with my hair, picking at my fingernails.

I feel like I do a decent job at stillness in most classes. It gets difficult to for me to be still in a tough class. I mean those classes that feel SO hot and SO humid you think you’re going to die (love those classes BTW). I’ve had several tough classes in a row. It is so hard for me not to fidget! When I’m pushing and I’m uncomfortable, my hair and sweat drives me insane! As if fixing it will  make me feel magically better and ready to rock the next pose? I know I shouldn’t, but in the moment that doesn’t matter. MUST…. WIPE….. SWEAT!!!

On the flipside, people to fidget too much can kind of drive me insane. Which isn’t very Zen yoga of me either.  Kind of a catch-22.

Today’s class will be tough. My goal is to not fidget, no matter how badly I want to!


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