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To go veggie or not… that is the question!

So this weekend I’m starting a new “detox” program I found on the internet. Unlike the disastrous juice cleanse back in January (I’ll have to tell that story later), this one is a little less intense. It involves replacing one meal with a smoothie a day for 30 days. Convenient for me since I already make a smoothie for breakfast most mornings!

It’s called Raw Green Organics Detox. It involves a protein powder and a green powder you make a smoothie with and follow that with three pills: probiotic, fiber, and aloe. I’m obviously going to start this over the weekend in case there are some dynamic effects from the detox I can be home and not standing in front of 30 high school kids.

I’ve never been a huge carnivore.I have been trying to lower the amounts of meat I eat. I already go veggie for breakfast (that’s easy) and lunch most days. RT agreed a while ago to go veggie a night or two a week. I’m thinking about going vegetarian for the length of this detox. I hear about how animal products sit around in your intestines for long periods of time and it honestly kind of grosses me out. I’m also curious to see how it changes my yoga. My cycling friend says I’ll be weaker. Yogi people seem to prefer being veggie. Experimenting with it seems like the only way to figure out what’s best for me (yay science).

Although this doesn’t mean that RT has to go veggie, it does effect our shared meals. They need to have his meat on the side (sorry no chicken chili). He’s not thrilled. He’s willing to work with me. Right now he cooks dinners. I come home from yoga and he’s making dinner.

I’m not freaked out about eating veggie at home. I’m more concerned with eating veggie out. It’s Austin, a pretty veggie friendly city. Restaurants are where I’m going to want to eat meat. I’m going to pick restaurants over others depending on veggie options. RT won’ be thrilled.

PS: Our anniversary falls in the 30 days and we usually cook an amazing meal together. I’ve got to come up with a fancy veggie meal if I’m going to go through with this.

To go veggie for the next 30 days or not, that is the question.


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