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Monday yoga that’s not my normal Monday yoga

For the past school year Monday yoga is always the 4:30 right after school. I have to rush there to make it to handbell practice (yes, I said handbells).

We had our final handbell performance yesterday, so no more 4:30 yoga classes on Mondays. I can go to the 5:30 at the downtown studio. 5:30 is my FAVORITE class time/location. It tends to be a class full or regulars and it’ll be hot. Monday 5:30 is a class typically taught by the owner. Oh yes, she will kick your butt. I’ve been to probably three Monday 5:30 classes and two resulted in near death (it was awesome).

I’m one of those “it’s never hot enough” people. Which is fine, except when it’s not that hot. Then I get all crabby- not very Zen/yoga of me. I need to work on accepting that not all classes are going to be as hot I as I wish they were.

I made it through class no problem. It wasn’t as hot as it’s been for a Monday 5:30 class. A good class nonetheless.  I wore my new MOHAWK yoga outfit. New yoga clothes are always interesting. Are the shorts going to stay in place? Is the top going to ride up? No problems with my new outfit!


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